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Loft Conversion Reviews 2015

We converted our loft with Landmark late last year and we couldn’t be happier with that decision. We’d had quotes from three companies and although Landmark weren’t the cheapest, we were won over by their level of customer service. When Roza came to quote she spent two hours with us, talking us through the entire process, going through design options and reassuring us that their project management team would support us through the entire process. This was particularly important to us as my wife was pregnant at the time and I was due to leave the country for work during the build. Everything went to plan thereafter. When the weather threw a spanner in the works, the build team did everything they could to ensure no damage was done to the loft. The work was completed on time and to a high specification. Throughout the process Jon Fuller and his team were always helpful, polite and hard-working. Jon offered numerous suggestions along the way with regards particular elements of the finish and he was always very accommodating of any changes we requested at the last minute. What I’ve gathered from our experience with Landmark and from talking to people who have used other companies is that Landmark have a higher level of customer service and insist on using higher quality materials. Every step of the way, Landmark were great and we’ve since recommended them to our friends.    Read Testimonials

Ollie, SW12

I loved the team we had, they were just great, everything went really smoothly, we couldn’t have asked for better really. Our Project Manager Jack was lovely. I really liked him, really straightforward. He was great at explaining stuff.    Read Testimonials

Mel & Ritchie, SW19

We’ve got so much space we can’t quite believe it.  That’s been the nicest thing.      Read Testimonials

Janie & David, TW

We’re really pleased with the process, the way it works and what we’ve ended up with space wise is great. It’s been a good experience working with Landmark and Bodan and his team who were on the ball. They worked really hard, solidly.        Read Testimonials

Overall I am really pleased with the process. We’ve ended up with space which is great. It’s been a good experience working with Landmark and Bodan and his team who we’re very happy with as well.      Read Testimonials

Ben & Sally, SW12

I think that Landmark Lofts offers such a good guarantee as well that that was very reassuring too.  That everything was guaranteed for 10, 20 years.  So you know, everything was openly backed up in terms of building regulations.  It was very clear that everything was by the book and we wouldn’t have any issues in terms of cowboy builders or anything like that.  So, for people who hadn’t done any major works to a property before it was reassuring to go with a company that were quite clearly by the book.      Read Testimonials

Adam & Laura, TW9

Everything is great with the loft space, we’re very happy.  The work done by Phil and the extended team is all good and I would be more than happy to recommend their services.  Not only was their work great, they were considerate, clean and good fun.        Read Testimonials

Robert, KT9

The team were super friendly and super respectful.  Especially as I was here a lot of the time they made a huge effort to minimise dust because my son’s asthmatic.  That was really good I am very grateful for that. I’m really happy with it.      Read Testimonials

Joanne, KT6

I am extremely pleased with the loft conversion.  The space is excellent and I'm very happy with the work and the end result.      Read Testimonials

Julian, SW12

The new space is wonderful.  We are enjoying it immensely.  I am extremely happy with the work carried out by Johny and his team.  They were a cheerful bunch, and nothing was too much trouble.  They did a fantastic job.      Read Testimonials

Janette, W6

We are delighted with our new living space.  I found Lukasz and his team to be extremely helpful and very responsive.  They worked hard and were punctual and kept the place as tidy as was possible.      Read Testimonials

Loxie, CR0

Brian went above and beyond on the final finish, and we're very happy with the standard of work.      Read Testimonials

Mr & Mrs G Watt, KT17

We were really impressed with our experience with Landmark Lofts.  They were always really professional, really quick to respond.  They always answered all our questions.  And they really did everything for us so we did not have to worry about what happens next and who is going to do it. The fact that they have guarantees underwritten for 10 years was an important consideration just to provide that extra piece of mind.      Read Testimonials

Kelly, SW19

I'm so glad that it's worked out really well - it's just given me so much space! I was really impressed with them.      Read Testimonials

Jane, SW16

Landmark Lofts were great! I was really impressed with them. I've never seen a team of people work harder in all honesty.  It was pretty extraordinary, particularly compared with my neighbours experience.  The construction was done in six weeks!      Read Testimonials

Jane, SW18

We were really pleased with the level of service that we've had through-out the whole process.  We've been delighted with the service that we received from Landmark Lofts. From the very first moment we met Roza, all the way through to the after sales service, and of course the finished result has been super.      Read Testimonials

Tom, SW19

Good project management and good quality of work.      Read Testimonials

Christina, SW11

Excellent references, competitive pricing, established company.        Read Testimonials

Michael, SW12

Very efficient, amazingly hard-working team which completed the initial stages of the build in exceptionally quick time.      Read Testimonials

Steven,  SW15

Landmark Lofts carried out the project professionally and met our need to manage the project. The fact they had an in house team of architects, structural engineers and project managers, assured us that the communication between disciplines will be more efficient.          Read Testimonials

Dhiren, HA2

The dialogue with Landmark Lofts' team was excellent and they understood our needs.      Read Testimonials

Nicolas, SW11

Overall we are satisfied with the service provided by Landmark Lofts and the builder. We have a nice loft space we hope to be able to enjoy for many years to come.      Read Testimonials

Annicka, SW11

Landmark Lofts gave us full service project management. A company that would listen to us and treat us how we would want to be treated. A company with a proactive approach.      Read Testimonials

Rebecca, TW1

I have to say that [the design] process was brilliant, we are delighted with the end product.  Landmark Lofts gave us peace of mind that it would be handled by a professional organisation, with experience and resource to deliver what I was looking for.      Read Testimonials

Adrian, SW19

It was a good experience....fantastic. It was a really good team. They worked like Trojans. You’ve never seen a work ethic like it. They were here from eight till six, six days a week.        Read Testimonials

Naomi, TW8

Just a big thank you really. You have two very happy customers here.   The wider team, were all extremely polite, conscious about not disturbing neighbours, and they did a great job of minimising mess as much as possible.        Read Testimonials

Anthony, SW19

It was good to know that there was always somebody at the office to speak to if there were any queries.      Read Testimonials

Dimple, SW20

Landmark Lofts offer the complete package from plans to project management, piece of mind, quality work at reasonable price.      Read Testimonials

Jennie, SW18

We had everything done by Landmark. They were very helpful. They really know what they’re doing.        Read Testimonials

Andre, SW12

A large established company, we loved that Landmark had a good guarantee package and the level of attention we were given from the start.      Read Testimonials

Celia, KT12

The sales pitch from Rosa was extremely impressive. We liked their environmental focus and the documentation provided was good.      Read Testimonials

Sophie, SW11

A lot of initial detail was provided by Rosa during the enquiry stage which wasn't provided by other companies. Landmark came across very informed and professional and gave us a lot of confidence.  Good quality workmanship and a trustworthy and professional project team.      Read Testimonials

Elliot, SW19

Where everything from start to finish was done to a high standard and in-house.      Read Testimonials

Stephen, SE26

We were given detailed information by Landmark Lofts on what could be built and a comprehensive quote that was very clear about costs. Good quality workmanship and also clear upfront information about costs and what was possible. We also liked the innovative and environmentally friendly design.      Read Testimonials

Claire, SW20

The building contractors were professional, tidy and flexible. Overall the quality of the final product was good.      Read Testimonials

Paul, TW9  

We were very impressed with Tom and his team. They worked fast, were polite, professional, helpful and kept the house secure and as tidy as they could. We are very pleased the finished work, especially the height of the loft which we think is more than was planned.      Read Testimonials

Ben, SW20

I saw the Landmark Lofts banner a lot on scaffoldings on other projects and when Rosa visited us to talk about our project she was extremely professional and likeable. My overall experience was extremely successful.  Our build team were amazing and so easy to communicate with.      Read Testimonials

Deni, W4

A company that had transparent costs, and had good communication with us. There would be regular communication and progress updates. Also, the conversion was completed to a tight deadline.      Read Testimonials

Michelle, KT2

Quality of workmanship. Also all team members were professional .      Read Testimonials

Michelle, E13

Helpful and good to know they were there if we needed them. Great to feel you have a back up to the builders, eg to discuss any quotes for extra work that's needed. We've had a very good experience with you and will certainly recommend you to our friends.      Read Testimonials

Isobel, SW12

The team approach, the clear terms around the contract, the lack of pushiniess in terms of sales approach, you clearly sold based on confidence in the quality of your product rather than in being the cheapest and the most aggressive.      Read Testimonials

Kristen, W6

We had confidence in Roza straight away. All our questions were answered and things explained in a really professional way. She gave us a good feeling about Landmark Lofts.      Read Testimonials

Paula, SW18

Faultless and the final product is great.  Overall we are very happy with Landmark Lofts and have already recommended you to friends.      Read Testimonials

Nicki, SW16

Landmark Lofts were responsive, we liked their approach. The initial presentation by James wasn't pressured and answered all our questions.   My wife was on maternity leave at the time. It seemed that the builders took our situation into account. We felt like we were told what was happening on a daily basis and always in the loop of progress. Any small problems were sorted quickly and the guys had no problem with staying a bit late to sort these items.      Read Testimonials

James, SW20

Very happy with our lovely loft.        Read Testimonials

Jo, SW16

They were a pleasure to work with. Co-operative, patient, always took time to explain.      Read Testimonials

Penny, TW9

All the office staff were polite and helpful, responded to queries quickly, also providing progress updates.      Read Testimonials

Chris, SW18

Roza was so professional and assured us of the very good service which we actually did receive. We trusted her and felt confident with our decision to go ahead with Landmark Lofts. It was seamless, painless and the finished work excellent. Nothing was too much trouble. We would also like to thank James Gold who provided useful and helpful answers to some our initial queries; again a very professional input and example of the back up from Landmark Lofts.      Read Testimonials

Kate, SW13

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